We will make you feel at home

Our Association Fees include a generous amount of services.  Please consult your Policies and Procedures for the complete list

General Management

J & J Management Group

5508 Hidden Road, Louisville, KY 40291
(502) 499-6108

Cleaning Services

Each building is cleaned twice per month, including the front and back stairwells, laundry and storage facilities, and trash pickup around the building exteriors

Garbage and Recycling

Please use the provided dumpster and recycling containers responsibly. Maintenance for this area is a budgeted item and can affect our monthly association fees if we have to pay for removal of large items and/or excess debris

Please help us keep this area clean!

Building Maintenance

  • Interior common areas (Stairwells, laundry)
  • External structures (buildings, decks, entry stairs, courtyard, carport)

Lawn and Grounds

Please contact us with any concerns or requests

Snow Removal

As needed - please contact us if you have a snow/ice issue.

Other Utilities

Owner's are responsible for personal electric, phone, internet, cable, and any other service not specified in the Policies and Procedures.